Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

In the area of criminal justice there are two kinds of careers that an individual can pursue; firstly into the legal domain where one can be a defence attorney, prosecutor, legal researcher or judge/justice. But the legal domain is entirely dependent upon the facts of the crime. The discovery and reporting of the crime in criminal justice system is carried by the law enforcement. In the domain of law enforcement the job is to investigate, prevent criminal activities defined by the criminal justice system. This sort of job is carried on the field that is governed by criminal justice system. There are various kinds of careers in criminal justice support, let us focus on some.

  • Uniformed Officers: The most famous uniformed officers in criminal justice system is the Police which we come across in our daily lives. The Police officers are the most accessible uniformed officer for the common man in the criminal justice system. The job of the police officer is to maintain order and control as per the definitions laid down in criminal justice system in his particular jurisdiction. The police officer is the first person that should be present on the scene of crime to gather all the important evidences and facts that is required in the court of law present in criminal justice system. If the nature of crime is complex and intricate then uniformed officers at higher levels of police come into play. This career option requires well informed knowledge of law and the person undergoes a proper physical and armaments training.
  • Detectives: In the law enforcement under criminal justice system detectives are senior to uniformed officers. After a few years of experience in law enforcement a police officer is promoted to the position of a detective. A detective is an un-uniformed officer that is called upon to solve crimes of complex and intricate in nature. The general idea is that they have to stay ambiguous to solve such complex crimes. There are various governmental law enforcement organisations in which they belong to and required to cater crimes of different nature, thus specialising in a particular type of crime. Sometimes with a decent amount of experience in criminal justice system an individual can start his own investigation agency or work as a consultant in his own accord.
  • Support Positions: Even the field agents in law enforcement in criminal justice system require support to process facts and evidences collected by them. For such jobs various positions are created in the law enforcement. Some of the major support positions are crime laboratory analyst, forensic expert, criminal psychologist etc. Over the years as the complexity of crimes that have come into light, such support activities have developed themselves into their own field of study. This sort of job is an in-door job to process and analyse facts and evidences and create further leads for field officers.

Thus a career in law enforcement under criminal justice system is a highly respectable profession requiring an individual to give in his time and energy to maintain peace and order in the society.