Wage Attorney – Basic Must-Knows for Employees

The employment world is a niche of opportunities or untoward experiences. There are various realities in the professional arena that you would rather not encounter. However, if you are one of the unfortunate few, there is a wage attorney to the rescue. Minimum wage, unpaid commissions, overtime claims, and other “Wage Theft” claims happen everywhere. Employer theft is a sad reality in the U.S. and other parts of the world. The good news is that employees have legal representatives to turn to. It is the task of a wage attorney to help you acquire what is rightfully yours. Different claims have their own components and variables. There are significant questions that must be answered right away. A wage attorney will help you understand your rights and represent you in court if you choose to pursue a case. Employer theft robs you of the money or wage that is yours to begin with.

Ask a Wage Attorney for Helpful Legal Advice

One of the concerns of most employees that experienced employer theft is that they are salaried employees. There is a common misconception that you are not entitled to overtime pay for instance if you are a salaried employee. Consult a wage attorney to have a reliable and complete understanding regarding this issue. According to the law, being an employee that receives payment on a salary basis is not a reason for you not to get paid for overtime work. You are still eligible for an overtime pay depending on what employment category you fall into. Learn if you are under the “exempt” or “non-exempt” employee group with the help of a wage attorney wage attorney. There are employees that are not eligible for an overtime pay especially if they belong the administrative, professional, outside sales, and executive exemptions. It is important to note that your eligibility for overtime pay depends on your job duties and not your job titles. It is quite unfortunate that there are employers that will deliberately classify their employees under the “exempt” category to avoid paying overtime. This is where you will need a wage attorney. You are legally entitled to overtime pay if the law says so. It takes professional legal assistance to determine your job duties and put you to the right classification.

The good news is that there are numerous ways on how you can find a wage attorney. All you have to do is search for professionals in this legal field. The Internet is a good place to start. A lot of law firms that handle wage discrepancies and overtime claims in Florida are accessible online. You can join group discussions and forums to find the legal representative you are looking for. Note the feedbacks and comments of people that have actually experienced the services of the law firm you wish to hire. Some legal representatives charge for consultation while others provide no obligation and free case evaluation. Keep in touch with a reputable wage attorney to discuss your case today at Florida Overtime Lawyer!